Saturday, December 06, 2003

Gathering of the Family

Hi. Thanks for the condolences which some of you left below. Tonight, all of the family (meaning my grandmother, aunt, mother, father and sister) gathered at my grandmother's house to meet with the rabbi who will do the funeral. It was very interesting to pay attention to who answered his questions and how they were answered. Quite revealing, actually, of our family and the dynamics in it.

My sister arrived in town today (parents came in yesterday - Friday) and from the moment she arrived, she has barely said anything to me - only when I said hi and asked her about the flight and only when I asked her if I could get her anything from the kitchen. I have been spending much of the last days helping my grandmother, which I know she appreciates. When my sister (or, as I have been thinking of her today, "the queen") arrived, she did not do one bit to help. Well, to be fair, she did help my father with something that he reluctantly did for my grandmother. She only helped when asked and then reluctantly. Interesting. I'll be curious to see if her daggers will continue for me tomorrow and if she confronts me about my not joining her for thanksgiving.

Well, I have other things to do and tomorrow will be a very long day, so I sign off,
Your sister survivor,

Israel count down = 8 days! Hooray! (My grandmother told me today that she insists that I go.)

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