Monday, December 22, 2003

Day 8 of Israel

Hi. I can't believe I've already been here a week and that I only have a week to go. (That last part makes me quite sad.) I hope to post later tonight (it is noon on Monday 12/22 as I write) and fill you in on I'll I've done, but I just want to share with you what a great day I'm having.

This morning, N (who stayed with me at C's apartment in Jerusalem last night) and I got up before dawn and walked into the center of town (from Talbieye in Jerusalem if you happen to know where that is) to do some filming for the movie she is making about when she was raped in Israel and the aftermath. Jerusalem was quiet and freezing cold (there is a damp wind here which cuts through) peaceful and she feels like she got alot done. We also went into the old city and did some general filming around and at the wailing wall. With all of the walking, it feels like a full day already, yet we are both energized and excited to film a follow-up phone call to her rapist (she confronted him last week), to go to lunch at the cafe where the confrontation happened (a victory lunch) and then go to Jerusalem's rape crisis center. (I'll add a link later when I know it.)

N is very courageous to be making a documentary of her experience. I think that the process has been very good for her and is a nice step in her healing (rape was three and a half years ago).

I'm also enjoying the blossoming friendship between N and I.

Well, she has set up her film equipment for the phone call so I need to go. More later. (N who is standing here as I type, says hi to all.)

(btw - if you want to see another post about N, go to this post.

Your sister survivor,

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