Saturday, November 22, 2003

On the Michael Jackson Case

Here we go again. A media super star who has defined part of American culture for many people has been arrested (and will soon be charged) for heinous crimes against children. What does our media-saturated star-loving culture do - proclaim him innocent yada yada yada. Doesn't anyone stand up for children? News stories (like this one in the Miami Herald and even this one in the New York Times) continue to give him the "star treatment" rather than looking at the tough issue of child abuse and Jackson's own repeated statements in the documentary done on him last year about sleeping with children. I am just disgusted by how cavalierly people are taking this. Children are being harmed by him and far too many other people in this "great" country of ours. Yuck. But, a star is more important. (Do you hear the sarcasm?)

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