Saturday, November 29, 2003

My story on film

My friend N is a film maker and a rape survivor (amongst many other talents). She is making a very courageous movie about her experience being acquaitanced-raped while in Israel working with the film industry there. As part of her film, she is interviewing other survivors of rape and sexual violence. Before I came to see her today (the vacation day of my mostly working Thanksgiving vacation) we spoke of the possibility of filming me. She wasn't sure she wanted to use our visiting time that way, but during conversation over bagels, we decided to film.

Basically, I told my story and answered some of her questions about how I have felt supported or alienated by the Jewish community. It was an empowering and healing thing to do. Part of me hope that clips are in the film and part of me doesn't care either way. I appreciate her honoring me and my story by even asking to film me, and if she thinks it would help the film, it will be comforting and encouraging to know that my story helps others - in supporting other survivors or maybe, even help prevent abuse. If I, during my life, help keep one child from being abused, that would be healing and helpful.

N is about to go to Israel to do some filming there, including confronting the man who raped her. Our time in Israel will overlap, and it will be good to see her there. I wish her much courage and strength for the confrontation and for the film itself.

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