Tuesday, October 14, 2003


Hi. It's a rainy, blustery fall day here in Middle America, a day which seems made for my cold. (By the way, it seems to be getting better although I still don't think I will work tonight.) Actually, part of me likes days like today, days when I bundle up and put on layers. (My landlord has the heat set to go on only after it is about 40 degrees outside, so it is cold in my place.) Bundling up in clothes makes me feel safe. It makes sense, I guess, since my father's abuse was at night when he would take off my clothes before molesting me.

On another note, I am adding something new to the blog later today. (You might have noticed that I added the google search tool yesterday.) The new section I am calling "doing good while online." The idea is connected to the Jewish value of tikkun olam, or repairing the world. There are many websites online where you can make a free donation just by clicking on an icon. Companies sponsor these pages and pay a fraction of a cent per click. So, take a look on the left side of this blog below the blog utilities for a list of places to make no-cost donations. Do good while you are online!

Wishing you a warm day of courage and hope,

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