Saturday, August 09, 2003

Shabbat Shalom

Shabbat shalom to you. It seems like a long time since I had a shabbat day at home, well part of the day anyway. (I chanted Torah for one of the local Conservative congregations today, then saw a student.)

I got home from my trip on Thursday night after nearly 12 hours of travel (3 hour drive from where I visited J to my first flight then two flights and a 1.25 hour drive home). The trip was a bit different than I expected, but I am glad that I went there. J ended up spending two days in the hospital, but is now - I hope - finally feeling better. He has really been through it this summer! Besides spending time with J and some of his family, I was able to see a good friend of mine who lives about an hour from where he was. She and I had a great time together and had a chance to get somewhat caught-up. One thing healing has helped me with which I put into major use during the trip is flexibility. That was definately practiced.

Well, there is a bit of an update.
Wishing you a day of thriving,

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