Friday, July 04, 2003

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Wow. I little surfing today has been powerful. Seeing so many resources out there for survivors is encouraging and disheartening. People are there for us in ways they weren't before, yet the need for such support is still there. God willing, we can all do our part to stopping all forms of abuse - especially child sexual abuse.

Here are some more links:
PARR - Pittsburgh Action Against Rape
Adult survivors of CSA (from PARR)
Breakthrough Options
Story on the power of sexual abuse in a child's life (By the way, I disagree with the very last statement in this story, specifically the one which reads, "Thirdly and most importantly...forgive the perpetrator and those who should have protected us." The importance of forgiveness of the perpetrator is an element of Christian Theology, but not a factor in the same way in Judaism. According to Judaism, if the perpatrator admits his/her wrong and asks directly for the survivor's forgiveness, then the survivor must consider forgiveness. Even in this case the survivor is not seen as needing to grant forgiveness unless the perp. repeatedly asks for forgiveness in a serious way.)
Survivor Circle - Recovery through Art
Healing Hopes - Site for those with DID & those who support them

Again, a day of freedom and hope to all,

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