Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Enjoyable rain

We've been having cycles of typical summer heat + humidity of the day = evening/afternoon rain and storms. This afternoon, I parked my car in the garage, got out and walked around the building through a pleasant, slow easy and warm rain. I actually enjoyed the gentle touch of the rain on my bare arms, face and hair.

It brings me to the nice side of a childhood memory. When I was around 9 to 10, I began going for walks in the neighborhood to escape from the house. I'd go the park and swing - feeling free and flying through the air helped a lot then and is enjoyable now - or I would walk down to the neighborhood lake and crawl into my super-secret-hiding place - the nook next to a drainage pipe. It was a great hiding place - in earshot of home, yet out of sight of the house & the road and I could see someone before they could see me. One day, while sitting there, a similar gentle rain began to fall. A duck family waddled up on the shore near me and I watched the mom duck and dad duck groom and feed the ducklings. They were so cute. In my little secret world, I felt safe, warm and happy. Today's gentle rain reminded me. Thanks for letting me share the memory with you.

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