Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Another touching poem from Joby

The following poem by Joby was shared with me today. It strikes me as not only fitting to what I know from Joby's life, but also applying to a conversation I had with my J (significant other) today. Thanks, Joby, for sharing your heart with me and those who read this blog. I enjoy your poetry and your spirit, even though you are Christian and I am Jewish and we choose to worship/pray/name God in a different way, I appreciate the beauty which shines through your words. Here's the poem (see the June 18, 2003 archives for the other poem by Joby):


Flip a coin into the air
at your crossroads
and say a prayer.
Hope to get it right.
Lady luck can shine on you
in the soft morning light,
but she may vanish quickly
without a whisper
during the stillness of the
lonely night.

Spark a match,
and watch it flame.
Catch the quivering heat
pulsating through
the indecisive brain.
Flicker from flights
of fancy and faith.
Shudder in fear
or come closer to truth.

Except for the actor,
no one knows their
true life’s course.
When faced with choice,
we seek direction.
We can listen to the evangelists,
con men, hookers, or grand stand politicians.
Otherwise, we can listen carefully
to our friends and family
and follow the spirit of gentle recovery
that flows intuitively
within a loving trinity.

God will guide us.
Upon this fact, we can
forever rely.
Closer remaining with Him,
His grace and love
will never abandon us,
even until the day that we die.

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