Wednesday, June 18, 2003


Hi. I hope that you have had a decent day. My day turned out pretty good. Fulfilling work and little survivor side-effects junk.

Monday night at dinner, I read a poem by Joby W. He gave me permission to share it with you. I think you will find it quite powerful.

Enjoy it.


Somewhere over the rainbow
and down the gray city streets,
I feel a cool, damp wind
silently cross past my long shadow.
A distant murmuring
from the huddled masses
apathetically repeats
a feeling of confused discontent,
as it indifferently retreats
into restless dismay.

A broken man with a wild eye
aimlessly passes by
yet another stranger.
This wrecked spirit
once had warmth and comfort
but now only struggles towards
spare change.

As he shuffles closer to me,
I can sense the ever loving presence
of God giving chance and hope
to both this homeless man,
His child,
and me, His servant.

Fear and shame echo
in the shaken voice
of this desperate man,
as he pleads for just a quarter.
His empty eyes shift sharpley downward,
before I reply with tidings of joy
that it was always my gift to give
ever since I became a recovering boy
with a new found hope to live.

A humble smile of genuine appreciation
grows gradually
across his parched lips
that speak words of wonder and thanks
for a simple monetary exchange
between his welfare and my endowment.

At night's end,
I am far away in person
but close in prayer to the vagabond
that gave me a greater blessing today
than ever I could return,
for he sparked the fire of hope
within me
that will always burn.

One a time,
we can change the entire world
for the increasing better.
Lord, this is my hope of things to be.
If your goodness should shine,
please let it begin with me.

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