Sunday, June 22, 2003

Interesting Link and More

I came upon an interesting blog today about a woman who has fled an arranged marriage and her life She's a Flight Risk is an interesting read. I wish her courage in all her adventures. Thank you to Sarah at TechTv's The Screen Savers for the initial link which I followed.

Regarding me...
I haven't been reflecting on survivorship and Judaism issues today, which is okay. I find myself working on these issues consciously and unconscioulsy at various times. For example, I know I will be working hard at the end of the week when my so-called parents are visiting the area where I live. Of course, they are pressuring me to spends tons of time with them, but I plan only on eating dinner out with them (at a rather nice place with other people at the table so my father is less likely to make a scene) and that's all. They know what they have to do to have a realtionship with me - admit their abuse and be honest about it. So hmm, in reflection, I guess I am thinking a bit about survivorship stuff today, s'ok.

Today I've been firming up some of my summer travel plans - an upcoming conference about which I am quite excited and a week vacation/trip to where J ( btw J my "significant other" is not the Joby who wrote the poem I posted on 18/06/03) is spending the summer. It will good to spend the time with him and nice to also visit a friend of mine who lives within a two-hour drive.

J and I spoke today for the longest amout of time in quite a while. It was nice to talk about some things beyond how he feels. I really hope he starts to feel better soon. He is just so miserable and so frustrated - imagine having a month-long headache! Hopefully the new doctors he will be seeing soon will have some good advice.

Well, that's enough for now.
Wishing you a good remainder of the weekend,

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