Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Doing some blog surfing of my own.

Hello. Well tonight (while waiting for news of a dear friend who is in the hospital for the second time this week) I have been doing some surfing to find sister/brother blogs which have some connection to healing from sexual abuse. It is nice to see so many people out there sharing their thoughts, their journeys and their hope. Of course, there shouldn't have to be so darn many of us!

Here are just a couple (there are so many out there):
Child Abuse Survivor
Infinite Pink
Angels of the Web

Why do I do this? Becuase I have felt very clearly the importance of community in my healing. My friends who are themselves survivors (some of us were friends for years and years before even talking about it) just understand in a way that few others can. So, if you know of a site that I should see, comment below or email me (


PS - Keep reading and watching to see if I like them enough to put them (and others) in my links.

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